Nov. 14, 2021

End of year posting schedule

Podcast schedule for both PATREON and the regular podcast is:

The Nov 18 podcast will be the last for November. THis is for the US holiday but also because Brittany is moving and need the week to get into the new place and set up the new studio. Also we are a little bit burned out and need the break honestly.

Then we’ll have a podcast for Dec 2, Dec 9 and Dec 16. Those will be the last 3 of the year and I’ve got some good Christmas killers already planned out. We’ll make the end of year festivities festive.

But have no fear, the reason we need the last 2 weeks of the year off is for a good reason!

January 6 will be our Podcastiversary and when we come back there will be a visual podcast that’s going to go on YT and Spotify for the thousand folks who’ve been asking for it! We will be hopefully getting new intro music produced and starting up SEASON II of the When Killers Get Caught Podcast and starting a new era of content!


Happy New Year to us!