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A Note from Brittany 

Hey Everyone in Serial Killer Country! It's so nice to have you here and on this amazing journey with us, if you came to this page to learn more, well here I am!  As was said in our introductory podcast, I've been studying true crime since I was about 10 years old because both of my parents are attorneys and it was just common for them to discuss the world around us and give their opinion on landmark trials that were happening. I haven't ever considered it weird that most of my adolescence and adulthood have been me interested in the human experience as it relates to crime. 

Folks are most often shocked to know however that my main "job" outside of the podcast is being a teachers aid for a kindergarten class and I've been doing it for 5 years now. If you're a listener it's no surprise that crimes against children are the ones that hurt my heart the most and can be the hardest podcast episodes or tiktoks for me to write. It's such a senseless crime and only serves to hurt and scare others. 

I also make and sell jewelry through www.themagicclasp.com and I'm a big geek which is why I love our gaming Sunday's with Brian. I also play Dungeons & Dragons every weekend as well as play video games on my xbox one , my ps4 and my switch. I'll watch an entire season of anime randomly one weekend with one of my buddies and during quarantine started watching Star Wars because I'd never watched the whole series through. 

If you came to this site to listen to us I'm so happy you gave us a listen and if you've stayed even when we had 10 weekly listeners to now, I'm so happy that you've stayed. Making this podcast and the tiktok have helped me realize that I've always wanted to be a content creator and maybe I'm getting closer to understanding my purpose in life. Thank you for being here. - Brittany

A Message from Brian

What's up my creepy crew! I guess I should put something here too since I am part of the show and you should get to know me better as well. Ever since I was a child, I've always been interested in the things that go bump in the night, the monsters that hide in your closet, and other worldly entities. My first paranormal experience had to have been when I was around the age of 7, the ghost of my grandmother kinda haunted the house we lived in. I'm also living with a little ghost hunter in the making, there are some creepy stories about my daughter I can share.

Out of everything paranormal, cryptids are my favorite to talk about. You'll unfortunately catch me talking about them a lot of the time. Aliens too. Brit just loves it when I talk about aliens haha. I'm introverted, awkward, and hate talking about myself so this is great for me! 

I'm a voice actor, that's been my dream job since I was a kid. You can also catch me on twitch gaming with Brittany. I'm an anime freak, that's mainly all I watch to be honest, well that and horror movies.

We're so glad that you've come here to learn more about us and if you've been here since the very beginning we thank you and if you're new, WELCOME! We hope you continue to enjoy!


About the Hosts

Brittany Ransom

Podcast Owner, Co-host and Content Creator

Brittany Ransom ( as seen on 20/20) is the writer and researcher for the deep dive portion of every podcast. She also maintains a TikTok with over 800,000 followers where she enjoys responding to her fans in real time.

Brian Joyner

Creepy Co-host

Hey everybody! I'm the afro co-host that covers all the things that go bump in the night. Please join me in my quest to annoy the cuss outta Brittany with my dad jokes and my tales of the supernatural!