May 6, 2021

Episode 17: The Murder of Ken Rex McElroy and the Cold Case no one could solve

Episode 17: The Murder of Ken Rex McElroy and the Cold Case no one could solve


In Broad Daylight: A Murder in Skidmore, Missouri, Harry N. MacLean, Dell, 1988
Judgment Day, Bob Lancaster and B.C. Hall, Seaview/Putnam, 1983

"Suspects Are Legion in Slaying of a Missouri 'Town Bully,'" By Jules Loh, The Associated Press, Aug. 1, 1981
"An Outlaw Met His Destiny, and Nobody Saw It Happen," by Joyce Wadler, Washington Post, Sept. 27, 1981
"Ballistics Tests Offer No Conclusive Evidence in Vigilante Case," The Associated Press, Sept. 30, 1981
"Little Chance of Trial in Shooting of 'Town Bully," The Associated Press, Oct. 26, 1981
"Grand Jury Adjourns Without Indictment in 'Bully' Case," by Jerry Nachtigal, The Associated Press, June 17, 1982
"One Year Later, Residents Want to Forget Town Bully," by Mark Peterson, The Associated Press, July 9, 1982
"Bully's Death Unsolved Five Years Later, Despite Dozens of Witnesses," by Jerry Nachtigal, The Associated Press, July 7, 1986
"Murder of Town Bully: Folks Say, 'Leave It Lay," by Josh Lemieux, The Associated Press, July 8, 1991
"Two decades after bully's death, Skidmore still guards its secret," by Donna McGuire, Kansas City Star, July 10, 2001
"20 Years Later: A Lookback," five-part series in the Maryville (Mo.) Daily Forum, July 2001

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This week in true crime we discuss a very surprising heist and women who cope with spouses in prison. Then Brittany introduces Brian to the most infuriating awful man who has probably ever lived in Missouri, and Brian spooks us with a demon house. You can get extra content on TikTok @caughtpodcast and @creepswithbrian to get your killer fix during the week. You can also follow Brian on twitch on Sundays for some spooky gaming. You can always support the podcast by shopping for some cute and creepy jewelry at (Use Code: CAUGHT for 15% off!). You can even leave a message or support us directly on and we might use your message in a later podcast. Email us at to submit ideas for our next episode or to submit some creepy stories!  Special thanks to Myuu for the music you heard on todays episode. You can find him at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: