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Best show, hands down!

I discovered this podcast from TikTok. I am always looking for new podcasts to listen to about true crime. These two know how to tell a story and include so much detail. I’ve binged the episodes and even signed up for patreon. I recommend this to all my true crime friends. 💕

Love them!

These two are the best. My favorite podcast. They’re on a winter break right now, so I’m re-listening to all of the episodes

Yay! Fun podcast with lots of content

I found this podcast on tik tok and was excited to find 2 Black true crime/spooky podcasters! I love that they cover headlines, a deep dive, and a spooky treat at the end. Their banter is cute and and lightens the mood without being disrespectful of victims. It’s also been fun to hear them improve and grow as podcasters over the course of the year. I’m still catching up, but I’m waiting for more spooky Pokémon stories a, Brian!

So refreshing!

Brittnay is a great researcher and storyteller. I love the the focus is on solved murders, so much true crime is done so flippantly w/o regard to victims families and such. I can’t speak on Brian’s stories bc the subject isn’t quite my thing, so I don’t listen to that part (but some folks don’t like true crime, so it might balance out). But I love how shocked and angry he gets when he hears the things some other men do. My husband is the same way, it’s as adorable as it is eye opening. I just love it, subscribed!!!

ABC 20/20

So impressed with her work!! She was featured on 20/20 and of course I had to check her podcast out!

Love each of these stories!

Love how these two bounce off of each other! My only suggestion is to make sure the micis positioned in of your mouth; there’s times when’ll straining my ears to hear what is said. Also, some of the long pauses during Bryan’s stories give me anxiety lol maybe it’s the New Yorker in me that wants to get to the jersey of the story 🤷🏽‍♀️


I just LOVE how how in depth you go into the back stories of your podcasts!!! ❤️

Brittany Random is a great storyteller !

I look forward to listening toe her point of views and storytelling

Lesser known stories

Great story telling of killers I would never have heard of otherwise! And I also love the urban legend segment

My faves

I absolutely loveeee you two, and Brian don’t let the people who leave mean reviews about you stop you! You’re both so funny and I couldn’t imagine the podcast without you two . Your solo episode was also great!

Love them!

They make you feel like you’re friends and you’re just listening to stories told by friends. Very chill. I’ve actually fallen asleep to this podcast a few times, but I always listen listen to it the next day. Thank you so much for not selling out and having annoying commercials!!! The magic clasp insert doesn’t destroy the vibe because it’s just Brian.

Found you on the tiktoks

I’ve been following you on tiktok for a while now and was overjoyed when I *finally* realized you had a podcast 🥲

Love them!

This podcast is not only informative, but these two are hilarious in a non-obnoxious way And they are woke. Love you guys!


Stumbled into here from Tik tok and now I’m addicted!

I love y’all already!!

Y’all came across my suggested podcasts, and I’ve been in love ever since. Your voices are great and I could listen to the same episodes over and over if I had to. Keep up the great work y’all!!


I have started binge listening a few days ago, and I’m absolutely obsessed. Keep up the good work!

Progress, not perfection

So I stumbled across this trying to find something similar to Shane and Ryan’s Buzzfeed Unsolved. I love that they have segments so it’s not just all murder and mayhem. The first few podcasts are kind of slow, but improve by episode 3 and 4. Definitely worth the listen.

I love the podcast

I’m from tiktok and I love hearing more in depth videos

Great content and overall flow!

I found out about this podcast on Tik Tok, and decided to listen! In the minute or so dedicated to true crime topics on Tik Tok, it was very clear that a long form podcast would be amazing! I can’t wait to see where the show goes!!

Great start you two!

I’m used to only seeing Brittany on her TikTok so I wasn’t sure about whether I’d like a second person but they've got a great flow. It wasn’t dry at all and I heard about a killer I had never heard of. I can’t wait to listen more to you guys!