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Help Free Corrina Smith! The mother who killed her children’s r@pist!

For folks wondering! This is Brittany from When Killers Get Caught and I have confirmed this gofundme with multiple members of Corrina’s family. I have spoken with Corrina and what she is most concerned with right now is that one of her daughters is struggling with a spouse who has cancer and she can’t be there financially to help her daughter and grandchildren. The family are trying to work on an appeal but in the meantime Corinna was the matriarch of her family and without her, her family is struggling. Any money you donate will go to fill the void of Corrina in these children’s lives.


If you want to send her a letter you can go to EmailaPrisoner.com and put in her Prisoner ID number: A1348EN and she is at the Styal prison.
It costs about .90 cent USD to send a message.

If you wish to put money on her account at the prison (her account caps at $1200USD) but you will need her ID number and her birthday which is 09-26-61 and this is the one to do that.


Note: I am not making any money off of this gofundme. As a survivor of sexual assault I feel for Corinna’s family and my heart breaks for her children and grandchildren who have lost both parents now.