Oct. 14, 2021

Episode 37: The Inescapable madness of Carl Panzram

Episode 37: The Inescapable madness of Carl Panzram

Sources for this episode:

The Panzram Papers by Carl Panzram and John Borowski

Killer: A Journal of Murder Hardcover Thomas E. Gaddis and James O. Long

Panzram : Butchering Humanity: An Autobiography Paperback – August 30, 2020
by Mr Carl Panzram and edited by Oleksi Granin

The Butcher of Humanity: The True Story of Carl Panzram a Product of Hatred and Vengeance by Genoveva and True Crime Seven

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This week in True Crime: Brittany discussing the harrowing plight Jelani Day's family is going through to get the truth and Brian has discovered a real life ninja. This week we learn bizarre rollercoaster life of Carl Panzram (Content Warning: Discussing of Childhood Sexual Assault) and then Brian discusses Gef, the talking mongoose.

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