Oct. 7, 2021

Episode 36: The Osage Nation Serial Murders that legitimized the FBI

Episode 36: The Osage Nation Serial Murders that legitimized the FBI

Sources for this episode:

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann

The Deaths of Sybil Bolton: Oil, Greed, and Murder on the Osage Reservation by Dennis McAuliffe

Bill Burchardt, "Osage Oil," The Chronicles of Oklahoma 41 (Fall 1963).

Kenny A. Franks, The Osage Oil Boom (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Heritage Association, 1989).

Lawrence J. Hogan, The Osage Indian Murders (Frederick, Md.: Amlex, Inc., 1998).

Andrew L. Warren, "Earning Their Spurs in the Oil Patch: The Cinematic FBI, the Osage Murders, and the Test of the American West," The Chronicles of Oklahoma 84 (Summer 2006).



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This week in True Crime: Brittany wonders if a teen was REALLY sleepwalking when he murdered his twin and Brian finds humor in a very scary rooster. This week we learn about the horrific 5 year Reign of Terror that plagued the Osage Nation of Oklahoma and the brand new FBI agents who helped find a killer. Then Brian discusses a magician with a vendetta against mediums, wait? Haven't we done this before?

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For this weeks killer we head back over to Australia to talk about Katherine Knight and the gruesome murder that made her Australia's 1st woman to recieve a true life in prison sentence. Then we talk about the Winchester Mystery House. Shop for shirts and stickers on our website at www.whenkillersgetcaught.com and find all of our social media accounts.

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Special thanks to Myuu for the music you heard on todays episode. You can find him at www.youtube.com/c/myuujiSleep walking(?) teenager murders sister, rooster terrorizing NY, Osage Murders and Birth of the FBI, Harry Price

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