Aug. 12, 2021

Episode 28: Dorothea Puente was a landlord from hell

Episode 28: Dorothea Puente was a landlord from hell

Source List:

Human harvest: the Sacramento murder story By Blackburn, Daniel

The bone garden by William P. Wood

Mistresses of mayhem: the book of women criminals by Francine LaSala (Hornberger)

Disturbed Ground - by Carla Norton

Deadlier Than the Male - Stories of Female Serial Killers - by Terry Manners

Murder Most Rare - The Female Serial Killer - by Michael D. Kelleher and C.L. Kelleher.

Buried Beneath the Boarding House by Ryan Green

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This week in true crime a woman forced her kids to clean up her crime scene and then Atlanta has a killer who isn’t afraid to kill your animal too?! Brittany then discusses the twisting backstory of Dorothea Puente, the death house landlady and Brian let’s us know the history of the Killers Clown Trend of 2016.

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