June 17, 2021

Episode 21: The Frustrating Case of the Solved but Unsolved Frankford Slasher Murders

Episode 21: The Frustrating Case of the Solved but Unsolved Frankford Slasher Murders


The primary source for this piece was the coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer, August 1985 – July 2000, along with supplements from the following books.

Mendoza, Antonio. Killers on the Loose: Unsolved Cases of Serial Murder. Revised and updated. Virgin, 2002.

Newton, Michael. Still at Large: A Casebook of Twentieth Century Serial Killers Who Eluded Justice. Loompanics Unlimited, 1999.

Newton, Michael. The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. Checkmark, 2000.

Schechter, Harold. The Serial Killer Files. New York: Ballantine, 2003.

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Brian is back! This week we discuss a horrible update to Amy Bishops story and folks doing weird things with Summer cicadas. Brittany leads us down a bizarre and frustrating tale of a crime spree in Philadelphia that was sort of solved but also kind of not. Brian discusses the little grey men from the sky. You can get extra content on TikTok @caughtpodcast and @creepswithbrian to get your killer fix during the week. You can also follow Brian on twitch on Sundays www.twitch.tv/foxytrainer for some spooky gaming. You can always support the podcast by shopping for some cute and creepy jewelry at www.themagicclasp.com (Use Code: CAUGHT for 15% off!). You can even leave a message or support us directly on anchor.fm/whenkillersgetcaught and we might use your message in a later podcast. Email us at caughtpodcast@gmail.com to submit ideas for our next episode or to submit some creepy stories!   Special thanks to Myuu for the music you heard on todays episode. You can find him at www.youtube.com/c/myuuji --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/whenkillersgetcaught/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whenkillersgetcaught/support