Nov. 11, 2021

Charles Ng, Leonard Lake & the mystery 45 pounds of bone fragment

Charles Ng, Leonard Lake & the mystery 45 pounds of bone fragment

Sources for this podcast:

Die For Me: The Terrifying Story of Charles Ng/Leonard Lake Torture Murders
by Don Lasseter

The Sex Slave Murders 3: The Horrific Tale of Serial Killers Leonard Lake & Charles Ng
Book 3 of 3: The Sex Slave Murders | by R. Barri Flowers

No Kill, No Thrill: The Shocking True Story of Charles Ng - One of North America's Most Horrific Serial Killers
by Greg Owens and Darcy Henton

A LONG WAY TO DEATH ROW From many years of interviews with Charles Chi-Tat Ng
by Valerie Lee and Gisela Zebrosk

Season 1: Episode 5 Charles Ng
Documentary Tv Show

This week in true crime an Oklahoma man tells the police a strange reason for murdering his father and a Dad kills his daughters boyfriend, but for an understandable reason. Our weekly deep dive from Brittany Ransom covers 2 ex-marines, whose love for survivalism and abusing women brought them together in the worst way. Then we learn about the Michigan Dog Man with Brian Joyner.

If you haven't seen it yet check out Brittany's interview with 20/20 (Season 44, Episode 4) on Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. It's on Hulu and Youtube now and of course always available on ABC

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