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Nov. 11, 2021

Charles Ng, Leonard Lake & the mystery 45 pounds of bone fragment

Sources for this podcast: Die For Me: The Terrifying Story of Charles Ng/Leonard Lake Torture Murders by Don Lasseter The Sex Slave Murders 3: The Horrific Tale of Serial Killers Leonard Lake & Charles Ng Book 3 of 3: The …

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July 29, 2021

Episode 26: Jim Jones: Prophet? Unlikely. Mass murderer? Definitely.

Sources: Guyana massacre : the eyewitness account by Krause, Charles A; Stern, Laurence M. (Laurence Marcus), 1929-1979; Harwood, Richard; Johnston, Frank, 1941- Jonestown FBI Files Jonestown, FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FOIA, Freedom of Information, Freedom of Information Act The …

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March 25, 2021

Episode 12: The Narcosatanicos try to conjure demons and the Warrens …

Sources Evil Serial Killers: In the Minds of Monsters – Charlotte Greig Buried Secrets” A true story Drug Running, Black Magic and Human Sacrifice– Edward Humes (1991) Buried Secrets: A true story of serial murder – Edward Humes (2014)

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